Beckett Grading Show Invitation, December 8th (11am-6pm)
Beckett Grading is Coming to
San Antonio!
Beckett Grading Services will be back at San Antonio's Sports Cards Plus on Friday, December 8th to accept your submissions and to grade your cards onsite at Sports Cards Plus. This is a great time to bring in  your cards off to be graded by the best grading service in the industry. We look forward to seeing you in San Antonio at the top sports collectibles shop in the area!
Sports Cards Plus,
2251 Lockhill-Selma Rd
San Antonio, TX 78230

Friday, December 8th (11am-6pm)
Also, bring those autographed items to be submitted for James Spence to authenticate. More information about these service can be found at or

-Beckett Grading will be offering the Raw Card Review and Graded Card Review Services in San Antonio. There will not be “Slabbing” at the show. For more information about these services, please visit us Beckett will only be accepting submissions for Beckett Authentication. There will be no onsite, autograph authentication. Limit one promotion per submission.
To know more about Beckett Grading please
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Every time you make a purchase at Sports Cards Plus you are eligible to enter our drawing for a total of $500.00 in Gift Certificates to Sports Cards Plus.  Drawing will be held at close of business on February 28th, 2018.

1. Your total purchase amount will determine your prize entry amount. EXAMPLE: Buy $350 in products at Sports Cards Plus. You can fill out up to 10 entries of at least $25 which total $350. If your purchase amount is less than $25, you may fill out one entry for the amount you purchased. The number of entries you may fill out is your total purchase amount divided by $25, plus one entry for the amount left over. Ten is the maximum entries you may fill out in one day.

2. Exactly $500.00 in Gift Certificates will be given away on November 30th, 2016 at store closing. Need not be present to win.
A. Entries will be pulled out of jar until we exceed a total of $500.00 in winners. The last winner will be limited to the amount on the winner's entry minus the total amount in excess of $500.
1) For example: First four winners total $450.00. The fifth winner had an entry value of $150.00 which gives us a total of $600. This amount is $100 over the limited amount of $500 in total winnings, therefore the fifth winner has won $150 - $100 = $50.
2) One person may have more than one winning entry and is eligible to win the total winnings of $500.
B. Winners over 18 years old will be published on our web-site. Winners under 18 years old will only be publish with the consent of their parents.

 SAN ANTONIO IS December 9th and 10th 

My friends are filling the void for great collectible shows in San Antonio.  Although my interests are limited to Sports Cards and Sports Memorabilia, this show will feature some of the state's best collectibles vendors in the areas of Sports, Comics, Coins, Gaming, Knives, Historical and Estate Jewelry.  If you collect it, you will find it at this show. 

This is the only show Sports Cards Plus has set up for in twenty years.   See for more information.  Save the date and have some fun.