Every time you make a purchase at Sports Cards Plus you are eligible to enter our drawing for a total of $500.00 in Gift Certificates to Sports Cards Plus.  Drawing will be held at close of business on February 28th, 2019.

1. Your total purchase amount will determine your prize entry amount. EXAMPLE: Buy $350 in products at Sports Cards Plus. You can fill out up to 10 entries of at least $25 which total $350. If your purchase amount is less than $25, you may fill out one entry for the amount you purchased. The number of entries you may fill out is your total purchase amount divided by $25, plus one entry for the amount left over. Ten is the maximum entries you may fill out in one day.

2. Exactly $500.00 in Gift Certificates will be given away on February 28th, 2019 at store closing. Need not be present to win.
A. Entries will be pulled out of jar until we exceed a total of $500.00 in winners. The last winner will be limited to the amount on the winner's entry minus the total amount in excess of $500.
1) For example: First four winners total $450.00. The fifth winner had an entry value of $150.00 which gives us a total of $600. This amount is $100 over the limited amount of $500 in total winnings, therefore the fifth winner has won $150 - $100 = $50.
2) One person may have more than one winning entry and is eligible to win the total winnings of $500.
B. Winners over 18 years old will be published on our web-site. Winners under 18 years old will only be publish with the consent of their parents.