The winners are: 1) Luis Tristan $100, 2) W. Howell $100, 3) Adam Gellman $100, 4) Roland Fuentes $90, 5) Daniel Castillo $72, 6) Troy Mangum $38.  Thanks to all my customers.  

Next CONTEST STARTS TODAY with a little twist, a two drawing approach.  On May 31st at 7 P.M., I will randomly pull 25 TICKETS.  From this FINAL 25 I will randomly pull tickets until I reach $400 in winners.  A fifth $100 winner will be selected from what remains from this pool of 25. The customer who's "ticket total dollar value" is the highest is the winner of the final $100.  If we have a tie, the final $100 will be equally shared by those who tie.