Due in Wednesday is 2012 Bowman Signatures Football.  You're going to LOVE Bowman Signatures.  Don't forget our $500 Drawing on Thursday Night at close of business.  And, we will announce the $100 WINNER for the "Pull of the Month."  While you're here, reserve your Panini Father's Day Promotion Packs (see post below).  The more you buy, the more you win at Sports Cards Plus!

Here is the 2012 Bowman Signatures Football info:

  • Five packs per box with each pack comprised of:
    • Two base veterans
    • Two base Rookie Cards
    • One Autograph or Autographed Relic

  • Five Autographs or Autographed Relics comprised of:
    • Two hard-signed Chrome Refractor rookie autographs (on 48-point stock)
    • Three autographed Rookie Card parallels (on 32-point stock)
    • Signature and Relic hits, including main-chase Chrome Refractor Rookie Autographs, come in various forms with limited parallels.
      • Chrome Refractor Rookie Autographs include hard-signed autographs from 40 key rookies
        • Red parallel (red ink autographs, limited to 15)
      • Rookie Autographs showcase signatures from 60 rookie subjects on thick, 32-point cards
        • Red parallel (red ink autographs, limited to 15)
      • Dual Autographs feature 15 cards  with veteran and rookie autograph combinations (numbered to 25)
        • Gold parallel (numbered to 5)
      • Triple Autographs feature 10 different cards with veteran and rookie trios (numbered to 25)
        • Gold parallel (numbered to 5)
      • Inside the Numbers autographed Relics feature 20 veterans with authentic swatches
      • Inside the Numbers autographed patches are premium material parallels (numbered to 10)
      • Inside the Numbers Autographed Jumbo Relics showcase 30 veterans with larger swatches (numbered to five)
      • Inside the Numbers Autographed Jumbo patches feature larger patch swatches (1/1)

Inserts in 2012 Bowman Signatures revolve around prospective and past player achievements.
  • Inside the Numbers salute the statistical merits of 40 veterans
  • Combine Competition cards showcase 15 different combinations of top-prospect rookies of the past and present
The 200-card base set is divided evenly with 100 star veterans and 100 rookies with numbered parallels.
  • Silver Rookie Card parallel (numbered to 99)
  • Green Rookie Card parallel (numbered to 25)
  • Red Rookie Card parallel (1/1)
  • Printing Plates (1/1)