2012 Bowman Baseball

Announcement #1:
Win Your Own Debut with Team Bowman
To celebrate the launch of Bowman Baseball we have included 10 Bowman Debut Golden Contracts randomly inserted in hobby boxes of 2012 Bowman Baseball. Each Golden contract guarantees you an autographed Yu Darvish baseball and one lucky winner will receive the following:
  • Your Own Bowman Baseball Card in a 2013 Bowman release
  • A $500 Signing Bonus
  • A Bowman Jersey 
Announcement #2:
Topps Teams with MLB Players Association for 2012 Bowman Baseball Wrapper Redemption Program!
Be sure to get to your local hobby shop and get ripping! Why? Because the first collectors to send in 24 hobby or 7 HTA wrappers will receive a FREE 5-card pack of exclusive Blue Wave Refractor Parallel cards! And that is not all! Bonus autographed cards featuring hot prospects such as Josh Bell, Dante Bichette, Jr., Gerrit Cole, Matt Purke and many more have been randomly inserted into these packs making them even better!
There are only 10,000 of these exclusive packs so pick up 2012 Bowman Baseball on May 9th, rip it and send it right away to make sure you do not miss out! Once we receive wrappers for 10,000 packs we will no longer fulfill.
Announcement #3:
All New Bowman Black Makes its Debut in 2012 Bowman Baseball!
This year's edition of Bowman Baseball includes an ALL NEW autographed card insert! Introducing Bowman Black, an extremely exclusive set of autographed cards featuring hot subjects including Bryce Harper, Gerrit Cole, Dante Bichette, Jr., and Anthony Rendon. These select subjects will be featured on an awesome all-black card complete with an on-card auto in silver ink! (see attached). Bowman Black will be a continuity program that will feature 25 new autographed subjects (sequentially numbered to 25) in every 2012 Bowman product. This set is a must have for collectors!
Announcement #4:
Find Lucky Redemption Cards for Exclusive Autographed Cards!
When you are ripping packs of 2012 Bowman Baseball, be sure to look for randomly inserted lucky redemption cards! These special cards can be redeemed for awesome autographed cards of today's hottest young stars. There are 3 different Lucky Redemption Cards in all, each of which will entitle you to one autographed card.
  • Find Lucky Redemption Card #1 and you will receive an autographed Yoenis Cespedes Rookie Card!
  • Find Lucky Redemption Card #2 and you will receive an autographed Bryce Harper Rookie Card!
Who is Next? Lucky Redemption #3 has yet to be announced. However, you can be sure it will be a must have for collectors!
There are only 100 of each Lucky Redemption Card so keep ripping packs to find one!
Announcement #5:
2012 Bowman Baseball includes Autographed AFLAC All American Cards
Bowman is all about getting in on the ground floor with tomorrow's stars and this year's edition will give collectors a real opportunity to do just that! 2012 Bowman Baseball will feature autographed AFLAC All American cards randomly inserted into hobby boxes. Collect the very first autographed cards from 11 sequentially numbered subjects who are promising stars!
Look who is on the subject list...
  • Sonny Gray--200
  • Andrew Susac--210
  • Jordan Swaggerty--210
  • Dillon Howard--225
  • Gerrit Cole--225
  • Stetson Allie--230
  • Mathew Purke--230
  • Dillon Maples-- 230
  • Austin Hedges--240
  • Jose Fernandez--240
  • Daniel Norris--240
Announcement #6:
The above Topps announcements highlight all of the exciting content packed in 2012 Bowman, including exclusive autographs, special inserts and awesome giveaways. The buzz and excitement for Bowman Baseball has never been better! Collectors are eagerly anticipating it, the players are tweeting about it and now Topps is supporting this year's debut of 2012 Bowman in a BIG way!
For the first time, Bowman Baseball will have a dedicated TV advertising campaign which will debut on the MLB network. The brand new spot will debut this week on MLB Tonight so be sure to tune in and to catch it, of course after you picked up your packs of 2012 Bowman Baseball!