Upper Deck Goodwin Champions has always been one of my favorite products and this years product looks to be the very best yet.   Goodwin Champions includes three of the following in every box:  Hard-signed autographs (including Michael Jordan), Memorabilia (including U. S. Presidents and Shoeless Joe Jackson), Animal Kingdom patch cards, and Printing Plates. 

One of the key subsets to last year's Goodwin Champions was the hand painted U.S. President Art Cards.  Upper Deck has brought back the original hand painted art cards of the original 50 cards from the 1888 Goodwin Champions set with each card limited to ten copies.

 Goodwin Champions 1888 Original Art Cards

The original 1888 Goodwin Champions set is widely regarded by collectors of tabacco era trading cards as the most beautiful sets ever produced.  The original set features two of the greatest baseball cards ever produced with the Cap Anson and King Kelly singles, the first-ever football card (Henry Beecher) and several great boxing cards including rthe legendary John L. Sullivan.  


 Last Year's Museum Relics were popular with collectors.  This year's theme will focus on one of the biggest events in American history, the Civil War.  Among the highlights of items included in this set is a remnant of an 1864 Union Army battle flag that will produce amazing fabric swatches in the set.  Those swatches will be placed  in oversize cards resulting in a small group of truly historical pieces. 

Also included in the Museum Pieces are authentic buttons from Civil War Uniforms, brass cavalry and infantry hat insignias, hammers from Civil War rifles, a soldier's wallet and actual Confederate currency.  These bills will be encased in their entirety in an oversided shadowbox card. 

Boxes are only $73.95 at Sports Cards Plus, so come on in and have some fun.