Due to arrive Friday is 2012 Topps Strata, which promises to deliver the most cutting edge technology collectors have ever seen.  Strata football boxes deliver two autos and one Rookie Relic per box for a starting price of $89.99 at Sports Cards Plus.

On-average Box:
  • One Clear Cut Autograph Relic
  • One Rookie Autograph
  • One Rookie Relic
  • One Rookie Die-cut
On-average Case:
  • One Strata Signature Relic Rookie Card
  • Three Clear Cut Autograph Patch Rookie Cards
  • Three Rookie Patch cards
Base set:
  • 100 veterans and 50 rookies and various parallels
    • Bronze (numbered to 150, hobby only)
    • Gold (numbered to 99, hobby only)
    • Blue (numbered to 50, hobby only)
    • Green (numbered to 10, hobby only)
    • Red (1/1, hobby only)
    • Printing plate (1/1, hobby only)
Falling one per box, Clear Cut autograph cards showcase enormous jumbo jersey swatches, the largest that can be contain within a card (measuring 2.875 inches x 1.875 inches)” — underneath a transparent card front with the featured player’s image and autograph.  These cards come in multiple variations, falling three Autograph Patch parallels per case.
  • Bronze (numbered to 150)
  • Gold (numbered to 99)
  • Blue Patch (numbered to 75, hobby only)
  • Green Patch (numbered to 55, hobby only)
  • Red Patch (numbered to 30, hobby only)
  • Platinum Spikes (1/1 featuring cleat Relics, hobby only)
  • Platinum Gloves (1/1, hobby only)
  • Platinum RG3 Socks (1/1, hobby only)
  • Platinum Patch (1/1, hobby only)
The Clear Cut insert also comes in Dual Autograph Relic Rookie Patch booklet forms, including tandems like Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III. The super rare book cards showcase up to 10 subjects in total and are one-of-one hobby exclusives.
One-per-case Strata Signature Relics continue the theme of depth with a three-layer look.
  • Layer one: Jumbo jersey swatches
  • Layer two: Die-cut cardboard frames with player portraits
  • Layer three: Transparent surfaces with player closeups and autographs (some stickers, some hard-signed)
These cards come limited to 35 and appear in two parallel variations. Patch parallels feature jersey patches and are numbered to 15. Rarer (numbered to five) Rivet Patch parallels showcase jersey patches and rivets, allowing collectors to actually fan out all three layers of the card.
Strata offers a Quad Rookie Autograph book card with RG3, Luck, Trent Richardson, and Justin Blackmon. Single-player Rookie Autographs feature up to 50 subjects paralleled by different levels of rarity.
  • Bronze (numbered to 150)
  • Gold (numbered to 99)
  • Blue (numbered to 75)
  • Green (numbered to 50)
  • Red (numbered to 25)
  • Platinum (1/1, hobby only)
Rookie Relic cards from Strata feature 40 subjects and their respective jersey swatches. Hobby-only parallels include:
  • Bronze (numbered to 150)
  • Gold (numbered to 99)
  • Blue Patch (numbered to 75)
  • Green Patch (numbered to 55)
  • Red Patch (numbered to 30)
  • Platinum Patch (1/1)