At Sports Cards Plus, a.k.a. The Super Hit Factory you always get more.  To celebrate the release of 2012 SP Authentic Football, we are going to have a RELEASE EVENT!  Everyone is invited!
Release Event starts at product release, January 29th and lasts as long as it takes to exhaust our initial allotment of 2012 SP Authentic Football.  First one to pull a 2012 Robert Griffin III Autographed RC wins $100 at Sports Cards Plus.  "BEST PULL" (Charlie DiPietro makes final decision) from our initial allotment wins $100 at Sports Cards Plus.
Boxes of 2012 SP Authentic Football are starting at $109.99; however, prices could change as national demand dictates.  So come on in today and reserve your box at this price.

2012-SP-Authentic-Football-Autograph-Rookie-Patch-Parallel-Russell-WilsonThese college-based cards feature new and old players such as Barry Sanders, Jerry Rice, John Elway, Robert Griffin III, Trent Richardson and Tim Tebow.  
Upper Deck has created a 100-card base set with 50 additional short-prints for SP Authentic. Collectors can find five cards in a pack and 24 packs in every box.

Some collectors might find more than SP Authentic in their boxes. SP Threads packs are inserted throughout the product. There are four SP Threads packs in every case and each come with one autographed jersey card.

2012-SP-Authentic-Football-Autograph-Rookie-Retro-Alfred-MorrisHighlights include SP Rookie Patches and dual, triple and quad autographed Signs of the Times, numbered to 35 or fewer.  
Stadium Authentics is one of the more prominent new autograph subsets in SP Authentic, acetate cards with autographed and bowl variations.

Besides current players, collectors can find the 1994 SP set. These cards fall at a rate of four per box and include die-cut parallels.

Look for (3) Autographs, including (1) Rookie auto Patch and (4) SP Canvas Card Variations Per Box!!
All Rookie Auto Patches are limited to 885 or less!
Look for Dual, Triple, and Quad Autographed Sign of the Times cards numbered to 35 or less!
NEW for 2012: Uncover Stadium Authentics acetate cards with autographed and bowl game variations!
Collect the entire 280-card set including a remake of 1994 Upper Deck SP (100 cards) and the die-cut parallel!
Autographed Cards (3 per box!):

- SP Rookie Auto Patch Tier 2 (# to 885)
- SP Rookie Auto Patch Tier 1 (# to 425)
- Regular Cards Auto Parallel (no #'ing)
- Regular Cards Auto Gold Parallel (# to 15)
- 1994 SP Football Auto Parallel (no #'ing)
- 1994 SP Football Die-Cut Auto Parallel (no #'ing)
- SP Rookie Threads Auto Jersey Tier 2 (# to 335)
- SP Rookie Threads Auto Jersey Tier 1 (# to 75)
- SP Legendary Threads Auto Jersey (# to 10)
- SP Rookie Threads Auto Patch Parallel Tier 2 (# to 5)
- SP Rookie Threads Auto Patch Parallel Tier 1 (# to 5)
- SP Legendary Threads Auto Patch Parallel (# to 2)
- Sign of the Times (no #'ing)
- Sign of the Times Gold Parallel (# to 10)
- Sign of the Times Dual Autos (Varied #)
- Sign of the Times Triple Autos (Varied #)
- Sign of the Times Quad Autos (# to 3)
- Stadium Authentics Auto (no #'ing)
Insert Cards and Parallels:
- 1994 SP Football (1:6)
- 1994 SP Football Die-Cut Parallel (1:48)
- Stadium Authentics (1:110)
- Stadium Authentics Bowl Variation (1:720)
- Canvas Regular Cards (1:6)
- Canvas Regular Cards SP (1:48)
Base Set:
- Regular Cards - 100 cards
- Regular Card Short Prints - 50 cards
- SP Rookie Auto Patch Tier 2 (# to 885)
- SP Rookie Auto Patch Tier 1 (# to 425)