It was an exciting Saturday at Sports Cards Plus of San Antonio and I wanted to share the story. One of my very deserving customers had "The Pull of a Lifetime" today. Chris Peng, a very active collector and BIG FAN of Panini America products pulled a 2012 Panini Prime Signatures Robert Griffin III Autographed Player Worn Jersey NFL Logo 1/1. He called and emailed a few fellow collectors about his SUPER HIT and before I knew it, people were driving to my store to see this piece of collecting history. Chris camped out at my store for about two hours to share the story of his great pull with everyone who came in to our store. Chis is a very enthusiastic box buster and it is always fun to share in his great pulls. This one was, of course, really special.

Especially with products with just a few cards per box like Prime Signature, Chris likes to "Slow Roll" his cards. With this box, he carefully opened the pack. The card on top was a Andre Reed #d/499. Lifting the Andre Reed, it exposed a Chris Cooley (Washington Redskins) #d/99. Next, he slowly pulled the card from the back. It was a Fred Davis (Washington Redskins) #d/499. At this time, the Chris Cooley was still covering the "Autographed Hit." Chris has had plenty of Great Hits, but he hadn't pulled an Robert Griffin III Auto. He told himself, what are the odds of three Washington Redskins cards in one pack of Prime Signatures? He slowly pealed back the Cooley card and he yelled "Oh, my God!" I was checking out another customer at the time and I called out to Chris, "Is it a 1/1?" At this point, Chis was jumping around like he had banged his toe. Chis could have pulled any RG3 Auto Rookie and he would have been very excited. But this is a 1/1 and Chis was the happiest customer I've ever seen.

Chris pulled this card about 2 p.m. yesterday. The rest of the day, when one of my regular customers came in, I told them about "The Pull," and they all said they already heard about it. I think everyone in San Antonio knows about "The Pull." The card looks beautiful. I told Chis it looks like a BGS 9.5 to me. Chris said he will ask Beckett Grading to grade it when Beckett Grading comes to my store in April. Here are a couple of pictures of Chris and "The RG3."

It's seventeen hours after "The Pull," and I'm still excited.