2013 Contenders Giovani Bernard Rookie GOLDEN TICKET 1/1 Bengals 14K Solid Gold

O.K.  The 2013 football rookie class is a bit weaker than 2012, and the base 2013 RPS Rookie Cards are not selling for near what the 2012 Contenders Andrew Luck is selling for on eBay.  Everything sells at the right price.  Try finding a sealed case of 2012 Contenders Football for under $2300.  That's right, expect to pay nearly $200 per box from a reputable retailer.

The right price for 2013 Contenders football is $130 a box at Sports Cards Plus, a.k.a. The Super Hit Factory.  This year each box has 6 autographs per box with 2 autos being on-card!  As the case in previous years, Panini has low production SP rookie autos which will go for tons of money on eBay.  Hope you don't jump the gun and sell these too cheep.

Panini has added to the collectability of 2013 Contenders football with inserts, parallels and autographs of top stars, legends, and rookies.  And, back again are 51 different 1/1 SOLID GOLD, Golden Ticket Cards!   See Sports Card Radio for complete checklist of 2013 Contenders Football.

By all accounts, with 6 autographs and tons of great inserts, 2013 Contends Football for $130 per box at Sports Cards Plus is a GREAT BUY. 

If you didn't make it in to Sports Cards Plus this weekend, here is what you missed.  Joel and his daughter came in Friday for the release of 2013 Contenders Football and to take advantage of our INVENTORY REDUCTION SALE (Come in today.  These prices won't last forever!)  Here they are with their Geno Smith Auto RC redemption, Tavon Austin Auto Variation, Peyton Manning base card Cracked Ice #d/21, Auto RC Cracked Ice and more.

Leland drove from his home in Houston to take advantage of our INVENTORY REDUCTION SALE and to pick his box of 2013 Contenders Football from THE BEST CASES in the Hobby.  Here's Leland with his Cordarrelle Patterson Auto RC.  Panini has not released the Auto RC SP list, so there might be a $800 card in there???

These two collectors came from Austin and Arizona to take advantage of our INVENTORY REDUCTION SALE.  No $1000 hits, but they spent about and hour here checking out THE LARGEST SPORTS CARD INVENTORY in ALL OF TEXAS, and busting packs and boxes.  Here they are with their favorite hits.

This collector is in "The Witness Protection Program."  With our INVENTORY REDUCTION SALE, he decided that 2013 Topps Triple Threads Baseball was the way to go.  Here he is with his 2013 Topps Triple Threads David Ortiz Auto Jersey Patch Wood Card 1/1.

This Father and Son combination heard about "The Legend of The Super Hit Factory."  They had fun buying retail boxes, but dad decided it was time to go up to "The Big Leagues"  and try a Hobby Box.  After spending some time in our store and much discussion with my son Jeff, they decided a box 2013 Topps Triple Threads was the way to go.  Here they are with their 2013 Topps Triple Threads Pele Autograph Relic Redemption!  And, The Legend of The Super Hit Factory continues........

Come to Sports Cards Plus TODAY and pick your box from THE BEST CASES in the Hobby.   While you're here, enter our contests for $800.00 at Sports Cards Plus.   Don't be the guy who says, "That could have been my picture."  Come in TODAY!