Arriving Wednesday is one of the most fun products of the year, 2015 Goodwin Champions.  As has become custom with Goodwin Champions, the “weird stuff” is what makes this release so interesting each year. 

For 2015, Goodwin Champions added a several new elements, including a collection of 1-of-1 Cut Signatures highlighted by names like Bill Gates, Stephen King and Marlon Brando plus a slate of inscribed, hard-signed autograph cards from legends such as “Mr. Clutch” Jerry West, “Bird Man” Tony Hawk and the “Finnish Flash” Teemu Selanne. 

One of the weirdest new elements is the 54-card 3-D lenticular “Game of Chance” insert set. Seeded at a rate of one in four hobby boxes on average, these cards feature stunning original art in a set that when completed is a 100% functional deck of cards. Look for rare Artist Autograph variations #’d of 25 per too!

Another new “concept card” is the Historical Rhetoric audio booklets, featuring audio clips from some of the most famous speeches from the past 150 years including John F. Kennedy’s “Inaugural Address”, Winston Churchill’s “We Will Fight on the Beaches” and Ronald Reagan’s “Remarks at the Brandenburg Gate”. These rare cards are available via planned redemption with exchange cards falling at 1 in every 660 packs on average.

Speaking of Reagan’s “Remarks at Brandenburg Gate”, keep an eye out for two very special Goudey Memorabilia redemptions for cards of Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev, each featuring material from the Berlin Wall.

We’d be remiss to discuss any edition of Goodwin Champions without devoting some time to the ever-popular Museum Collection Relics. Coming off the heels of the Civil War in 2013 and World War I in 2014,this year’s product focuses on “The Roaring 20’s” .... a decade fueled by sustained economic prosperity that laid down many of the foundations for modern pop culture heralded by the explosion of Jazz and Big Band music, modern femininity with the brash wave of young Flappers and the ominous specter of Gangsters. Look for more than 25 different historical pieces highlighted by a stunning wire photo of Al Capone and a signed check from Capone’s nemesis Elliott Ness, leader of “The Untouchables”.

The base set features an all-new 50-card Black and White painted subset, with 

premium memorabilia and hard-signed auto parallels. The final fifteen cards from the base set once again feature a selection of baseball’s top prospects on hard-signed cards (seeded at a rate of 1 in every 60 packs on average) including 5-tool infielder Dermis Garcia. In all, seven of the 15 subjects are ranked amongst Baseball America’s Top 100 prospects.

New signers for this year include 2014 Boston Marathon Winner Meb Keflezighi, MMA All-Time Great Georges St. Pierre and legendary Comic creator Stan Lee. In addition to the new signers, look for signatures from Tiger Woods, Wayne Gretzky, 
Mike Tyson, Nolan Ryan, Mark McGwire and LeBron James. 

The base set Mini parallels have been upgraded to feature a different substrate for each level including Canvas (announced at 99 copies per), Cloth Lady Luck Backs (#’d of 50 per), Leather Magician Backs (#’d of 15 per) and of course the 1-of-1 Gold Rainbow Foil presidential Backs.

Look for almost 300 different, all-new, hand-painted, 1-of-1 Art of the Ages cards. These cards are truly stunning homages to masterpieces ranging from Van Gogh to Modigliani.

The Origin of Species manufactured patch cards return for the second of three planned years of cards tracing the origins of life itself on planet Earth. The 2015 

cards feature a selection of 100 different creatures from the time of the dinosaurs. Look for these cards falling at a rate of 1 in every 64 packs (i.e. five per sealed case), with rare high series cards including Large Predators (1:1,785) and Flying Creatures (1:8,685).