The 2016 Sports Card Industry Summit took place last week.  Yes, my wife and I had a great time in Hawaii....  Our thanks to GTS, Beckett and The Industry Summit staff for making our stay a memorable one.  The Industry Summit Bling was the BEST EVER.  But it was the opportunity to strengthen our relations with Panini America, Topps, Upper Deck, and Beckett that made this Summit the most meaningful for Sports Cards Plus and our customers.

Panini America has always been a Friend of The Hobby and has done more than any other Manufacturer to help The Hobby Shop be successful.  Sneak Peeks afford the Hobby Shop the opportunity to lead the way in sampling new product five days before national release.  It builds excitement in the store, brings in customers on Sneak Peek Day and is just plain fun for everyone involved.  Sports Cards Plus has teamed with Panini America to make previous Sneak Peeks a special event.  Look for more Sneak Peeks COMING SOON!

2015 was marked with many Panini America new & innovative products.  Older products were improved so much that you could call them NEW.  Panini America is dedicated to making 2016 products which will blow you away.  Look for more great stuff in the coming months.

In 2014, Panini America introduced the card collecting world to Panini Prizm World Cup Soccer with success beyond this hobby shop owner's wildest dreams.  In 2015 Donruss Soccer introduced everyday soccer fans to entry-level soccer card collecting at a reasonable price.  Just when we thought Prizm Soccer was the pinnacle of soccer card collecting, 2015 Select Soccer took collectors to the next level with great designs, autographed memorabilia and just plain great looking cards.  What is in the near future for soccer collectors?  Try 2016 FLAWLESS SOCCER!

Topps is going after new baseball card collectors in a big way.  National Baseball Card Day is back in 2016!  Look for this give-away program to introduce baseball fans everywhere to card collecting and bring them into a card shop near you.

This just might be the best NHL Hockey rookie class of all time.  Upper Deck is taking advantage of this opportunity to bring in Hockey fans to the card shop with exclusive give-aways and new & exciting products.  Look for some amazing hockey products.  And for Goodwin Champion fans, this year's product looks to be the very best ever with memorabilia from WWII and a first class autographed checklist.

Leaf is Leaf. Mr. Brian Grey is always working hard to give his customers more for their money and win over collectors.  2016 Leaf Metal Draft Football is due in TOMORROW!  Featured in this year's Metal Draft is TOM BRADY on-card autographs!  The upcoming Best of Basketball, Leaf Q, and other innovative Leaf products are always a big hit with Sports Cards Plus customers.

Sports Cards Plus had the honor and privilege of representing hobby card shops on a multifaceted panel to discuss our place in the future of the hobby.  Panel members included Angelo Exarhakos of Universal Distribution, Kevin O'Neal of Topps, Charlie DiPietro of Sports Cards Plus, D. J. Kazmierczak of Panini America, Nicole Colombo of EBay, Goug Caskey of MojoBreak and Mike Philips of Upper Deck.

Sports Cards Plus sat down with our distributor partners to discuss our future business relationships and insure our customers get the products they want at The LOWEST Price in The Galaxy (all of Texas).  And, of course we will be getting The BEST CASES in The Hobby to insure More SUPER HITS for your dollar at Sports Cards Plus.

Can you beat this pull?  Best Peyton Manning or Cam Newton pull WINS $100.00 at Sports Cards Plus.  Contest ENDS TODAY at 7:00 p.m.  Don't be the guy who says, "That could have been my picture."  Come in TODAY and have some fun!