NEWS FLASH:  2016 Topps Series 2 JUMBOs are Only $119.95 at Sports Cards Plus!
The second installment of Topps’ flagship baseball product arrives Wednesday at Sports Cards Plus, featuring another 350 base cards.  Look for variations and SSP cards paying tribute to Jackie Robinson.  Select players are shown wearing his number 42 for Jackie Robinson Day. 
While the set will highlight many of today’s stars, Topps is also honoring Ken Griffey Jr., who will likely make the Hall of Fame next summer, and Ichiro, who marches toward 3,000 hits, in two special commemorative inserts.
In addition, collectors will want to take part in ‘Double Play,’ a new interactive trading card that gives fans and collectors a chance to win great prizes based on a player’s performance.
Here’s a preview of 2016 Baseball Topps Series 2.

Base Cards
350 base cards with several parallels:
Gold parallel: numbered to 2016
Vintage stock: numbered to 99
Black parallel: numbered to 65 HOBBY & HOBBY JUMBO only
Pink parallel: numbered to 50
Platinum: Numbered 1/1
Rainbow Foil Parallel
Clear Parallel: numbered to 10 HOBBY only
Printing Plates: numbered 1/1 HOBBY & HOBBY JUMBO only
Framed parallel: numbered 1/1 HOBBY & HOBBY JUMBO only

Manufactured relics
Manufactured relics have become a staple in Topps flagship baseball releases as the designers come up with new ways to create baseball cards. 2016 Topps Baseball Series 2 contains three types of manufactured relics.

Team Logo Pin: The metallic pins will feature a player alongside his team logo. There is also an autograph version of these cards.
SiriusXM All-Star Futures Game Pin: This subset will feature 15 current stars who played in the Futures Game, and feature a replica pin from that game. There is also an autograph version, numbered to 25.
World Series Champion Coin and Stamp card: These cards are similar to ones done in the past with a U.S. coin and stamp, meshing popular hobbies into one card. 2016 Topps Baseball Series 2 will feature a coin and postage stamp from the year the player won the World Series.
The World Series Champion Coin and Stamp cards will have parallels based on the different coins that will be embedded in the card: Quarter, Dime, Nickel and Penny.
Chasing 3000
Topps honors one of MLB’s brightest stars with Chasing 3000 as it chronicles Ichiro’s pursuit of 3,000 hits in Major League Baseball. The inserts will be inserted at a rate of one in nine packs, but the autographs and relics will be much tougher to find.
The Chasing 3000 relics will be numbered to just 10 copies and the Autographs will be numbered 1-of-1.
Also, there will be Ichiro buyback cards randomly inserted into packs with a commemorative “Chasing 3000” foil stamp.
Tribute to the Kid
With Ken Griffey Jr., poised to make the Baseball Hall of Fame next summer, Topps is commemorating his great career on cards. The Tribute to the Kid insert will contain 30 cards and be inserted at rate of one in eight packs.
There will be also be Tribute to the Kid Autographs, Relics, Autograph Patches (Hobby & Hobby Jumbo only), and Stamped Originals.
Inserts (and more)
Scouting Report: Featuring what baseball analytics and scouts have to say about each player. There are also autograph and relic versions available.
Berger’s Best: With Topps celebrating 65 years of baseball cards, this 65-card set will feature memorable cards from Topps history. Berger’s Best will also have autographs, relics, autograph relics (Hobby & Hobby Jumbo only), and cut signature versions.
Topps Laser (Hobby & Hobby Jumbo only): The cutting-edge insert returns in Series 2 with autographs, relics, and autograph relics.
Hallowed Highlights: Featuring great achievements from 15 retired stars with autographs, relics and autograph relic (Hobby & Hobby Jumbo only) versions.
100 Years at Wrigley Field™: Topps continues to pay tribute to one of the most stories baseball stadium in history. There are autograph, relic and autograph relics (Hobby & Hobby Jumbo only) versions available.
First Pitch: This fan favorite returns with more notable names who threw a first pitch in 2015 MLB® games.
Own the Name Relics: Featuring nameplate letters from a jersey (Hobby & Hobby Jumbo only)
Glove Leather Autographs: Player autographs signed directly onto simulated glove leather (Hobby & Hobby Jumbo only)
Cut Signatures: Numbered 1-of-1
Bunt® Code cards: Loook for codes to unlock digital cards in the Topps BUNT app.
Bunt® Player cards: Exclusive Topps BUNT cards only found in Series 2.
Double Play: A special rip card that will give baseball fans a chance to win great prizes. Pull a Double Play card and you have a choice to rip open the card to get the mini card inside that has a date and statistical outcome. If stat is achieved on that day, you win!
Box breakdown
Hobby box:
Packs per box: 12
Cards per pack: 10
Hits per box: 1 autograph, relic or manufactured relic
Hobby Jumbo box:
Packs per box: 10
Cards per back: 47
Hits per box: Three hits, including one manufactured relic card