2018 Topps Stadium Club Baseball Members Only Manny Machado2018 Topps Stadium Club Baseball loves the photo. The world of sports is filled with dramatic and dynamic photography. Some of that is captured on sports cards, but a lot of the times they’re vying for attention with other design elements.  Not 2018 Topps Stadium Club Baseball.
The set’s focus is clear. Great photos. Other elements are in packs as well, like the promise of two autographs per hobby box. But, overall, the product sticks with what made it such a hit when it first arrived in 1991.


2018 Topps Stadium Club Baseball Base KershawThe base set keeps the design to a minimum. Full-bleed fronts allow the picture to cover the front. The nameplate is done entirely with text and even that is largely see-through.
With 300 cards in the base set and approximately 112 base cards per box, set-building will require some trading among friends (at Sports Cards Plus, trade night is 24/7). It may not be the biggest checklist of the year, but it is large enough to make it something of a challenge. And with many collectors looking to the photos, that’s a chase in its own right.
Parallels come in several levels. Black Foil are the most common, landing two per hobby box. Others include hobby-only Black and White (1:48 packs), Red Foil, Rainbow Foilboard (/25), First Day Issue (ten copies each), Members Only (one per case), Photographer’s Proof (1:2 cases) and Gold Rainbow Foilboard (1/1). Like Black and White, Gold Rainbow cards are only in hobby packs.
Stadium Club Chrome returns for a second year as a partial parallel set. A total of 90 cards are given the chromium treatment with one base version landing every hobby box.
Chrome parallels include Refractors (1:64 packs), Gold Minted (1 per case) and one-of-one Superfractors (1/1). Select Chrome cards also have autographs that have ten copies or less and Superfractor Autographs (1/1).


Of the two autographs per 2018 Topps Stadium Club Baseball hobby box, most fall under the Base Autograph banner. These take the same general design of the main set and have on-card signatures. Parallels come in Red Foil (/50), Black Foil (/25), Rainbow Foil (/10) and Gold Rainbow (1/1). Rainbow and Gold Rainbow are only in hobby packs.
A couple of scarce autograph inserts return for another year. Co-Signers (/10 or less) have signatures from a pair of stars. Lone Star Signatures are also back. Both have one-of-one Rainbow Foil parallels. Lone Star Signatures also have Orange versions (/5).


2018 Topps Stadium Club Baseball regular inserts use names and themes from the brand’s early days. Beam Team, perhaps the most famous Stadium Club insert ever, is back for another season. Landing one per box, the checklist has 25 top MLB players.
Power Zone (1:8 packs) and Instavision also return. Instavision is a case hit that has Red (/50), Black (/25), Orange (/10) and Gold Rainbow (1/1) parallels.
Never Compromise (1:8) and Special Forces (1:8) both debuted in the 1990s but haven’t been seen since Topps brought back Stadium Club in 2014.
These, along with Beam Team and Power Zone, have Red, Black (/99), Orange (/50) and Gold Rainbow (1/1) parallels.
Select Beam Team, Never Compromise and Power Zone cards also have signed versions.


• Autographs – 2
• Beam Team – 1
• Never Compromise – 2
• Power Zone – 2
• Special Forces – 2
• Black Foil Parallels – 2
• Chrome Parallels – 1


SCA-AA Aaron Altherr
SCA-AB Anthony Banda
SCA-ABA Austin Barnes
SCA-AH Austin Hays
SCA-AME Alex Mejia
SCA-AMI A.J. Minter
SCA-AR Anthony Rizzo
SCA-ARO Amed Rosario
SCA-AS Anthony Santander
SCA-AST Andrew Stevenson
SCA-AW Alex Wood
SCA-BH Bryce Harper
SCA-BJ Bo Jackson
SCA-BV Breyvic Valera
SCA-BW Brandon Woodruff
SCA-CG Cam Gallagher
SCA-CS Carlos Santana
SCA-CT Chris Taylor
SCA-CV Christian Villanueva
SCA-DF Dustin Fowler
SCA-DG Dwight Gooden
SCA-DJ Derek Jeter
SCA-DM Don Mattingly
SCA-DMA Dillon Maples
SCA-DSM Dominic Smith
SCA-DST Darryl Strawberry
SCA-FL Francisco Lindor
SCA-FM Francisco Mejia
SCA-FT Frank Thomas
SCA-GA Greg Allen
SCA-GC Garrett Cooper
SCA-GT Gleyber Torres
SCA-HA Hank Aaron
SCA-HB Harrison Bader
SCA-I Ichiro
SCA-IH Ian Happ
SCA-JA Jose Altuve
SCA-JBE Jose Berrios
SCA-JBO Justin Bour
SCA-JC Jose Canseco
SCA-JD J.D. Davis
SCA-JF Jack Flaherty
SCA-JR Jose Ramirez
SCA-JS Jimmie Sherfy
SCA-JST Jackson Stephens
SCA-JV Joey Votto
SCA-KB Kris Bryant
SCA-KBR Keon Broxton
SCA-KD Khris Davis
SCA-KF Kyle Farmer
SCA-KM Keury Mella
SCA-KS Kyle Schwarber
SCA-LC Luis Castillo
SCA-MA Miguel Andujar
SCA-MFR Max Fried
SCA-MIG Miguel Gomez
SCA-MM Manny Machado
SCA-MMC Mark McGwire
SCA-MO Matt Olson
SCA-MT Mike Trout
SCA-ND Nicky Delmonico
SCA-NG Niko Goodrum
SCA-NR Nolan Ryan
SCA-NSY Noah Syndergaard
SCA-OA Ozzie Albies
SCA-PB Paul Blackburn
SCA-PD Paul DeJong
SCA-PE Phillip Evans
SCA-PG Paul Goldschmidt
SCA-RA Ronald Acuna
SCA-RD Rafael Devers
SCA-RH Rhys Hoskins
SCA-RJ Ryder Jones
SCA-RR Raudy Read
SCA-RU Richard Urena
SCA-SA Sandy Alcantara
SCA-SG Sonny Gray
SCA-SN Sean Newcomb
SCA-SO Shohei Ohtani
SCA-TB Tim Beckham
SCA-TL Tzu-Wei Lin
SCA-TLO Tim Locastro
SCA-TMA Trey Mancini
SCA-TN Tomas Nido
SCA-TP Tommy Pham
SCA-TS Troy Scribner
SCA-TW Tyler Wade
SCA-VA Victor Arano
SCA-VC Victor Caratini
SCA-VR Victor Robles
SCA-WCO Willson Contreras
SCA-WM Whit Merrifield
SCA-YA Yonder Alonso


BTA-AJ Aaron Judge
BTA-ARO Anthony Rizzo
BTA-ARO Amed Rosario
BTA-BH Bryce Harper
BTA-DJ Derek Jeter
BTA-FL Francisco Lindor
BTA-JA Jose Altuve
BTA-JV Joey Votto
BTA-KB Kris Bryant
BTA-MM Manny Machado
BTA-MT Mike Trout
BTA-NS Noah Syndergaard
BTA-PG Paul Goldschmidt
BTA-RD Rafael Devers
BTA-SO Shohei Ohtani


SCCA-ABR Alex Bregman
SCCA-AH Austin Hays
SCCA-AJ Aaron Judge
SCCA-AP Andy Pettitte
SCCA-AR Anthony Rizzo
SCCA-ARO Amed Rosario
SCCA-ARU Addison Russell
SCCA-AV Alex Verdugo
SCCA-BB Byron Buxton
SCCA-BH Bryce Harper
SCCA-BJ Bo Jackson
SCCA-BL Barry Larkin
SCCA-BP Buster Posey
SCCA-CC Carlos Correa
SCCA-CF Clint Frazier
SCCA-CJ Chipper Jones
SCCA-CK Clayton Kershaw
SCCA-CR Cal Ripken Jr.
SCCA-CS Chris Sale
SCCA-DE Dennis Eckersley
SCCA-DG Dwight Gooden
SCCA-DJ Derek Jeter
SCCA-DM Don Mattingly
SCCA-DS Dominic Smith
SCCA-DST Darryl Strawberry
SCCA-FF Freddie Freeman
SCCA-FL Francisco Lindor
SCCA-FM Francisco Mejia
SCCA-FT Frank Thomas
SCCA-GM Greg Maddux
SCCA-GS Gary Sanchez
SCCA-GSP George Springer
SCCA-HA Hank Aaron
SCCA-HB Harrison Bader
SCCA-HM Hideki Matsui
SCCA-HR Hunter Renfroe
SCCA-I Ichiro
SCCA-IH Ian Happ
SCCA-JA Jose Altuve
SCCA-JBE Johnny Bench
SCCA-JC Jose Canseco
SCCA-JCR J.P. Crawford
SCCA-JF Jack Flaherty
SCCA-JOB Jose Berrios
SCCA-JS John Smoltz
SCCA-JT Jim Thome
SCCA-JV Joey Votto
SCCA-KB Kris Bryant
SCCA-KS Kyle Schwarber
SCCA-LS Luis Severino
SCCA-MC Michael Conforto
SCCA-MM Manny Machado
SCCA-MMC Mark McGwire
SCCA-MR Mariano Rivera
SCCA-MT Masahiro Tanaka
SCCA-MTR Mike Trout
SCCA-ND Nicky Delmonico
SCCA-NR Nolan Ryan
SCCA-NS Noah Syndergaard
SCCA-OA Ozzie Albies
SCCA-OS Ozzie Smith
SCCA-RD Rafael Devers
SCCA-RH Rickey Henderson
SCCA-RHO Rhys Hoskins
SCCA-RJ Reggie Jackson
SCCA-RJO Randy Johnson
SCCA-RS Ryne Sandberg
SCCA-SG Sonny Gray
SCCA-SK Sandy Koufax
SCCA-SO Shohei Ohtani
SCCA-TM Tyler Mahle
SCCA-TMA Trey Mancini
SCCA-VR Victor Robles
SCCA-WB Wade Boggs
SCCA-WBU Walker Buehler
SCCA-WCO Willson Contreras


CO-AT Hank Aaron/Mike Trout
CO-BR Kris Bryant/Anthony Rizzo
CO-JJ Aaron Judge/Derek Jeter
CO-JM Randy Johnson/Greg Maddux
CO-JR Derek Jeter/Cal Ripken Jr.
CO-JS John Smoltz/Chipper Jones
CO-LV Joey Votto/Barry Larkin
CO-OD Rafael Devers/David Ortiz
CO-SB Kris Bryant/Ryne Sandberg
CO-TJ Bo Jackson/Frank Thomas
CO-TO Shohei Ohtani/Mike Trout


LSS-AJ Aaron Judge
LSS-AR Amed Rosario
LSS-BH Bryce Harper
LSS-BJ Bo Jackson
LSS-DJ Derek Jeter
LSS-FL Francisco Lindor
LSS-FT Frank Thomas
LSS-JV Joey Votto
LSS-KB Kris Bryant
LSS-MT Mike Trout
LSS-NR Nolan Ryan
LSS-NS Noah Syndergaard
LSS-RD Rafael Devers


NCA-AJ Aaron Judge
NCA-AR Anthony Rizzo
NCA-ARO Amed Rosario
NCA-BH Bryce Harper
NCA-CJ Chipper Jones
NCA-CR Cal Ripken Jr.
NCA-FT Frank Thomas
NCA-JA Jose Altuve
NCA-JV Joey Votto
NCA-KB Kris Bryant
NCA-MMC Mark McGwire
NCA-RD Rafael Devers


PZA-AJ Aaron Judge
PZA-AR Anthony Rizzo
PZA-BH Bryce Harper
PZA-DO David Ortiz
PZA-DS Darryl Strawberry
PZA-FT Frank Thomas
PZA-GS Gary Sanchez
PZA-JB Jeff Bagwell
PZA-JC Jose Canseco
PZA-JD Josh Donaldson
PZA-JV Joey Votto
PZA-KB Kris Bryant
PZA-KD Khris Davis
PZA-MM Manny Machado
PZA-MMC Mark McGwire
PZA-MT Mike Trout
PZA-PG Paul Goldschmidt
PZA-PK Paul Konerko
PZA-RD Rafael Devers
PZA-RH Rhys Hoskins
PZA-SO Shohei Ohtani