2018 Topps Definitive Collection Baseball isn’t aimed at the collector looking to dabble here and there in autographs. It’s for those looking to hit it big with cards aimed at the high end of the hobby high-end.
2918 Topps Definitive Baseball ($995 per box), have six autographs plus a pair of premium memorabilia cards.
2016 and 2017 saw Topps introduce a handful of new upper tier brands that took the high-end to another level. 2017 Topps Definitive Collection was one of those new sets, which was received well by its target audience. 


All autographs in 2018 Topps Definitive Collection Baseball come with on-card signatures. These start with Definitive Collection Rookies, intended to represent top names in the year’s rookie crop. In addition to the base versions are Green (/25), Purple (/10) and Red (1/1) parallels.
Definitive Collection Autographs take an all-encompassing route fill out its checklist. Current players, retired stars and rookies are all included. One-of-one Red is the only parallel level here.
Legendary Autograph Collection is dedicated to all-time greats. Individual accomplishments are worked in the design. Parallels are limited to Purple (/5) and Red (1/1).
Other signed inserts include Framed Autograph Collection and Dual Autograph Collection. Both have Green (/10) and Red (1/1) versions to go with the main cards. Dual Autographs also come in Purple (/5).
On the signed memorabilia side are Base Autograph Relics. Like 2017, these come with a large swatch from a veteran or rookie player. Parallels for these start with Green (/25) and Purple (/10). They also have five different one-of-one Red versions, each with a different piece of premium material: Jersey Button, MLB Silhouetted Batter Logo Patch, Majestic Logo, Laundry Tag and Team Logo Patch.
Definitive Autograph Relic cards don’t have quite the same sized swatch. However, the checklist for these is meant to be more selective, highlighting superstar veterans and past greats. Green (/10), Purple (/5) and Red (1/1) are the parallel tiers.
Similar to the regular signed cards, there are also Dual Autograph Relic, which have two players, and Framed Autograph Patch cards with base, Purple (/10) and Red (1/1) versions.
Rounding out the signed memorabilia is Autograph Patch Book Collection. As one might expect, the swatch is big, taking up one side of the card. The signature is on the other.
2018 Topps Definitive Collection also has one-of-one Cut Signatures.

Memorabilia Cards

2018 Topps Definitive Collection Baseball has a variety of memorabilia-only inserts, all of which are intended to have something beyond the basic small swatch.
Jumbo Relic Collection cards may not all be patches, but they do come with large game-used jersey swatches. The material from these come from commemorative jerseys worn on occasions like Memorial Day, the 4th of July and Players Weekend. These have several parallels including Blue (/35), Green (/15), Purple (/5) and Red (1/1).
As it sounds, Definitive Helmet Collection comes with pieces of game-used batting helmets embedded in them. This is something that has been done before, just not often and on a regular basis. Parallels include Purple (/10) and four different one-of-one Red versions: Rawlings Authentic Tag, Rawlings Performance Rating, Rawlings Logo and MLB Silhouetted Batter Logo.
2018 Topps Definitive Collection Baseball has a couple of relic inserts where everything is a one-of-one: Definitive Patch Collection and Definitive Nameplate Collection.
Every card in 2018 Topps Definitive Collection Baseball is numbered to 50 or less.

Checkout the 1/1 Cut Autographs:
DCS-BD Bill Dickey 1/1
DCS-BF Bob Feller 1/1
DCS-BH Billy Herman 1/1
DCS-BL Bob Lemon 1/1
DCS-BLE Buck Leonard 1/1
DCS-CG Charlie Gehringer 1/1
DCS-CS Casey Stengel 1/1
DCS-DD Dizzy Dean 1/1
DCS-DDR Don Drysdale 1/1
DCS-DS Duke Snider 1/1
DCS-EA Earl Averill 1/1
DCS-EB Ernie Banks 1/1
DCS-EM Eddie Mathews 1/1
DCS-ES Enos Slaughter 1/1
DCS-FF Frankie Frisch 1/1
DCS-GK George Kell 1/1
DCS-GKE George “High Pockets” Kelly 1/1
DCS-HG Hank Greenberg 1/1
DCS-HW Honus Wagner 1/1
DCS-HWI Hoyt Wilhelm 1/1
DCS-JF Jimmie Foxx 1/1
DCS-JH Jim “Catfish” Hunter 1/1
DCS-JMI Johnny Mize 1/1
DCS-JR Jackie Robinson 1/1
DCS-LA Luke Appling 1/1
DCS-LB Lou Boudreau 1/1
DCS-LD Larry Doby 1/1
DCS-LW Lloyd Waner 1/1
DCS-MI Monte Irvin 1/1
DCS-PR Pee Wee Reese 1/1
DCS-PRI Phil Rizzuto 1/1
DCS-RC Roy Campanella 1/1
DCS-RFE Rick Ferrell 1/1
DCS-RK Ralph Kiner 1/1
DCS-RM Roger Maris 1/1
DCS-RRU Red Ruffing 1/1
DCS-RS Ron Santo 1/1
DCS-RSC Ray Schalk 1/1
DCS-SC Stan Coveleski 1/1
DCS-SM Stan Musial 1/1
DCS-SP Satchel Paige 1/1
DCS-TC Ty Cobb 1/1
DCS-TJ Travis Jackson 1/1
DCS-TL Ted Lyons 1/1
DCS-TW Ted Williams 1/1
DCS-WH Waite Hoyt 1/1
DCS-WS Warren Spahn 1/1
DCS-WST Willie Stargell 1/1
DSC-EL Ernie Lombardi 1/1
DSC-HK Harmon Killebrew 1/1