2017-18 Upper Deck Splendor Hockey
2017-18 Upper Deck Splendor Hockey will be introduced to the hockey collecting world this Wednesday at Sports Cards Plus.  It is the next step in evolution of Hockey Super Premium Card collecting.

With 2003-04 Exquisite Basketball, Upper Deck introduced Super Premium High End Cards to the sports card collecting universe. Exquisite brought in a new collector into the hobby, one with deep pockets and looking to invest in high dollar single cards. While not every collector could afford to bust a box of Exquisite, many could buy singles of some of their favorite players. The infusion of new and big money into the hobby, rejuvenated a hobby that was still reeling from the glut of cheep cards from the 1990s.

When Upper Deck launched The Cup in 2005-06, it was hockey's answer to the company's Exquisite line. Everything about the brand was intended to be the example of what an ultra high-end line should be.

2005-06-Alexander-Ovechkin-The-Cup-Rookie-RC-Patch-Auto-BGS-9-5-GEM-MINT-3-COLORThe above card recently sold on eBay for $50,700.  It is one example of the collect-ability and demand for cards from The Cup.
The Cup set the bar for hockey's rookie cards. While the Upper Deck Young Guns may be the most collected, The Cup is where a lot of collectors look for the most valuable rookie cards. 
All cards in The Cup, especially the rookie cards are low numbered, but low numbering isn't enough to make a classic rookie. The Cup also includes on-card autographs. Usually, the rookie cards included multi-colored swatches.

The Cup has four cards per box with a price tag of over $400 at product release.
2017-18 Upper Deck Splendor Hockey brings a new ultra-premium spin for the season. Folding in the sport’s history, the brand brings a mix of high-end autographs, cut signatures, memorabilia and metal-embedded cards.
Boxes come with just one card, all numbered to 36 or less.

Base Set

2017-18 Upper Deck Splendor Hockey Base Bordered GoldThe 2017-Upper Deck Splendor Hockey base set comes with both bordered and borderless cards. Regular versions for both have 36 copies. Initial samples of the set show that they come with both autographs and memorabilia with a layout that’s similar to Topps Dynasty baseball.
Parallels for both versions come in Silver (/22), Red (/11), Gold (/5) and Black (1/1) parallels.
Black and White Autographs (/27) get their name for the design that uses minimal colors but lots of contrast. It’s similar to something you might expect to find in UD Black. Base Black and White Autographs use silver. Parallels are done in Copper (/12), Gold (/6) and White (1/1).


Plenty of autographed inserts are part of 2017-18 Upper Deck Splendor Hockey as well.
It starts with Splendid Signatures (/24), which take the basic approach of an on-card signature. Parallels exist in Blue (/15), Gold (/5) and Black (1/1).

Auto Pucks (/15) are a series that has a piece of game-used puck embedded in it. The only parallel for these is a one-of-one version.
Signature Handles have a premium slab of a game-used stick as the centerpiece. All one-of-ones, these are available with both regular autograph and cut signature versions.
2017-18 Upper Deck Splendor Hockey has additional cut signatures featuring many all-time greats and people important to the game’s history.
Premium Material Cut Signatures add a piece of memorabilia.

Memorabilia and Metal Cards

Among the other cards with game-used gear in 2017-18 Upper Deck Splendor Hockey are Showpieces (/27) and Splendid Swatches (/10), which have massive memorabilia pieces. Showpieces have Blue (/15), Gold (/5) and Black (1/1) parallels. Splendid Swatches have only Black (1/1).
Silver Stick (/10) are the only cards in the product without an autograph or premium swatch. Instead, these have sterling silver in them. The checklist highlights players who have reached the 1,000-game milestone for the NHL careers. These also have one-of-one parallels.
All cards come in a one-touch holder.