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2019-20 Panini Impeccable Basketball Elegance Rookie Jersey Autographs Holo Silver2019-20 Panini Impeccable Basketball returns with five autographs per box, plus one Silver NBA Logo, Gold NBA Logo, Silver Draft Logo, Silver HOF Logo or Stainless Stars card per box, on average! Since its introduction to the NBA Basketball collecting world, these high-end singles have become one the most sought-after among collectors.  While its Rookie Cards have not approached those of National Treasures or hobby boxes include five total autographs as well as either a metal card or one containing pieces of silver or gold.

2019-20 Panini Impeccable Basketball Overview

If autographs are a focal point for Impeccable then the Elegance Rookie Jersey Autographs are a cornerstone. All come with on-card signatures. The football version of these cards have both a patch and a helmet piece. That’s not possible in basketball so the swatch is limited to a prime jersey piece or patch. These also have multiple levels of parallels with more premium pieces and smaller quantities.

Impeccable Victory is an autograph insert that highlights big wins from specific games.

Once again, Impeccable has multiple autograph inserts that play a numbers game, highlighting a variety of things like stats, jersey numbers, milestones and accomplishments. Print runs run alongside the numbers they’re honoring.

A new addition in 2019-20 Impeccable Basketball are Canvas Creations Autographs. While much of the product emphasizes white space, color dominate these. Extravagance Autographs also make their debut.

2019-20 Panini Impeccable Basketball Stainless StarsAs for the metal and precious metal cards that combine to land one per box, these come in a variety of forms. Stainless Stars are on metal card stock.

Silver and gold cards come with custom medallions made of the precious metals. Silver themes include Draft Logo, Hall of Fame Logo and NBA Logo. Scarce gold cards are available in the form of NBA Logo.

2019-20 Panini Impeccable Basketball cards:

  • Autographs – 5
  • Silver, Gold or Stainless Stars Inserts – 1