Sports Cards Plus and other retail stores across San Antonio have been approved for "Retail-To-Go" sales starting this Friday, April 24th.  And, we are going to celebrate with a HUGE SALE!

In the last 5 weeks, we've been limited to selling to our loyal customers via telephone orders and on the internet.  Thanks to you, we've been doing great and we're showing our appreciation with a SALE!

If you have been following prices on eBay and other retail internet sites, you know prices have steadily gone up during the "Lockdown."  Although our prices have also gone up, our internet sales for April have be our very best ever.  

Because our "Retail-To-Go" allows us to avoid eBay FEES & SHIPPING COSTS, we are sharing these savings with you. You will save $10 to $100 per box during this WEEKEND SALE.  Check post below for our LOWEST PRICES.  

Below are the rules for "Retail-To-Go."

1. Call 210-524-2337 with your order and pay with your credit card.  Schedule your pick up in our parking lot.

2. When you arrive call 210-524-2337 to let us know you are in our parking lot.  Pop your trunk and we will place your order in your trunk.

3. For everyone's SAFETY, no one can be allowed in the store.  Remember to ware a mask and "Social Distancing."  

4. For everyone's SAFETY, Jeff and I will hand sanitize between customers and wear a mask when we deliver your order.

Jeff & I look forward to seeing you this weekend and save you some money.