2018 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions
Note: Our $100 Contest winners must open their purchases in our store in order to win.  First to pull a 2018 Goodwin Champions Micheal Jordan autograph in our store WINS $100 at Sports Cards Plus.  First to pull a 2018 Goodwin Champions Shohei Ohtani "Baseball Japanese Signature" Autograph in our store WINS $100 at Sports Cards Plus.
To say 2018 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions is eclectic is a definite understatement.  Goodwin Champions always included cards and memorabilia from many aspects of collectability, and 2018 Goodwin Champions has gone a step further.  From autographs of their exclusive athletes (Michael Jordan, Lebron James, Wayne Gretzky, Tiger Woods and Ben Simmons) to autographs of American Presidents and American Heroes,  honoring a small number of those who have served and helped their communities. The nine-card checklist is filled with inspiring stories. 
2018 Goodwin Champions includes three hits or premium inserts per box (autographs, relics, manufactured patch cards and lenticular inserts).  These come from subject mater in all forms of sports, history, entertainment and more.
2018 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions also marks the first time for the brand to include an Upper Deck Bounty element that rewards collectors with exclusive cards for finishing specific parts of the checklist.

2018 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Overview

2018 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Splash of Color LeBron JamesThe main part of the base set consists of 100 cards. Athletes from all aspects of sports, both mainstream and not. Some other surprises can also be expected.
Building off of these are 50 Splash of Color high number short prints.
Mini cards make their return. Basic versions are 1:4 packs while Wood Lumberjack are approximately one per hobby box, landing 1:20 packs. Black Wood Lumberjack Minis come numbered to just 8 copies.


On-card signatures are the theme for the 2018 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions autographs. Goodwin Autographs (1:52 packs) feature signatures from base set athletes. In addition to the regular versions are Inscribed versions that come numbered to varying amounts and tough Splash of Color Autographs (1:1,280).
Goudey Autographs are 1:480 packs while separate Goudey Sport Royalty Autographs come in both single (1:8,000) and dual (1:25,000) versions.
Among the signers in 2018 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions are several of the company’s exclusives like Michael Jordan, Ben Simmons, Wayne Gretzky and Tiger Woods. Serena Williams, their latest exclusive athlete, also has autographs in the product. Shohei Ohtani has new cards added to his growing autograph checklist, the first from Upper Deck.
Genuine Heroes Signatures (1:320) honor a small number of those who have served and helped their communities. The nine-card checklist is filled with inspiring stories. Jennifer Maddox is a Chicago police officer who established a South Side after school program to help kids with tutoring and mentoring. Brenda Berkman was the first female fighter in New York City. Khali Sweeney has a boxing gym for at-risk children in Detroit that doubles as an academic tutoring hub. To most, these people might not be well known in the celebrity sense but all have made big impacts on peoples’ lives.
The small number of autographs in the product that aren’t on-card are one-of-one Goodwin Cut Signatures.

Memorabilia Cards and Relics

Goodwin Memorabilia (1:30) lead the relics in 2018 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions. Besides the basic cards, there are Splash of Color (1:600) and Dual Swatch (1:240) versions. All three also have numbered Premium Swatch cards.
Highlighting some of the bigger names in the product are Goudey Memorabilia (1:300), Goudey Sport Royalty (1:1,520) and Goudey Sport Royalty Dual Swatch (1:2,880) cards. Like Goodwin Memorabilia, numbered Premium Swatch cards are also randomly inserted.
Relics go beyond articles of clothing and other gear. It takes a sharp veer into the realm of historical memorabilia. Continuing from 2017 are World Traveler Map Relics (1:60) and National Parks Vintage Map Relics. Both come with pieces of maps embedded in them.
For the National Parks map cards, they’re numbered to varying amounts ranging from a high of 90 copies down to a low of 17.
Museum Collection inserts take flight with an aviation theme in 2018 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions. The 40-card set comes with pieces of WWII artifacts as well as those used on space missions. Relics are 1:480 packs while Museum Collection Aviation Jumbo Relics are much tougher at 1:1,920.
A second series of Museum Collection cards focus on President Franklin D. Roosevelt. These nine Presidential Legacy Relics (1:4,000) have pieces of a wooden box he was gifted for visiting the 1933 World’s Fair in Chicago. There’s also one over-sized redemption that also has a cut signature.
Following in the footsteps of Alice and Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz come The Jungle Book Illustration Relics (1:3,200). These take the relic concept and apply them to images from original copies of the Rupyard Kipling classic. These come from a couple of editions dating as far back as 1894. Inspired by the book are Jungle Book Sketch Booklets (1:1,440) and Jungle Book Dual Sketch Booklets (1:5,120).
Goodwin Masterpieces Art of the Ages are all hand-painted recreations of some of the most famous masterworks in history. Each is a one-of-a-kind.
Additional Inserts
2018 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions goes to the dogs with Canine Companion Manufactured Patch Cards. This marks the second year for the premium insert set that celebrates man’s best friend (unless you fancy yourself as more of a cat person). These come with six different tiers of rarity. The most common are 1:83 packs while the “Flying Dogs” portion of the checklist is the toughest at 1:7,500 packs.
When Robots Rule the World (1:40) tell a Sci-fi story over 42 cards, all using lenticular 3-D stock. Like the patch cards, these have several levels of rarity to add to the challenge of building the full set. Autograph versions signed by the artist are randomly inserted.
As far as regular inserts go, Goudey are fairly easy to pull at 1:4 packs.

2018 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Bounty Program and Bounty Checklist

The idea behind the 2018 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Bounty program is to reward those who undertake the challenge with exclusive cards not available in packs. Here, it requires collectors to put together a full set of 20 Splash of Color 3D Lenticular cards.
While the regular copies appear somewhat regularly, these are tough. Odds vary, but the most common are 1:195 packs. On the far end are short prints that land 1:4,320 packs.
On the back of each variation is a code that can be registered on Upper Deck’s special Bounty website. Once collectors finish the set, they lock themselves in for the exclusive cards. Exact rewards are TBA.
Here’s a look at the Splash of Color 3D Lenticular checklist required for the bounty:
LS-BS Ben Simmons
LS-DA Matthias Dandois
LS-DM Dzanan Musa
LS-EG English Gardner
LS-FE Shanshan Feng
LS-HE Harris English
LS-JS Jose Santos
LS-KT Kyle Troop
LS-LJ LeBron James
LS-MA Mario Andretti
LS-MD MacKenzie Dern
LS-MJ Michel Jordan
LS-PR Patrick Roy
LS-RH Ryan Harrison
LS-RR Richie Ramone
LS-SH Sofia Huerta
LS-SW Serena Williams
LS-TB Tia Blanco
LS-TW Tiger Woods
LS-WG Wayne Gretzky
2018 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Splash of Color Ben Simmons

2018 Goodwin Champions Box Contents:

• Autographs, Relics, Manufactured Patch Cards or 3-D Lenticular Cards – 3 Total
• Goudey Inserts – 5
• Mini Cards – 7
• Splash of Color Short Prints – 5

Autographs Checklist

48 cards.
1:52 hobby, 1:52 e-Pack.
Group A – 1:107,323, Group B – 1:53,661, Group C – 1:17,887, Group D – 1:3,960, Group E – 1:1,239, Group F – 1:715, Group G – 1:390, Group H – 1:236, Group I – 1:101
A-AP Aaron Pico, MMA G
A-AR Jacob Ardown, Hockey I
A-AW Ashley Wagner, Figure Skating E
A-BR Miles Bridges, Basketball F
A-BS Ben Simmons, Basketball C
A-DA Matthias Dandois, BMX E
A-DM Dzanan Musa, Basketball H
A-EC Emily Collins, Golf I
A-EG English Gardner, Track & Field H
A-FE Shanshan Feng, Golf F
A-FT Frances Tiafoe – FT, Tennis E
A-FT Frances Tiafoe – Bigfoe, Tennis E
A-GB George Bryan IV, Golf I
A-GR Graham Rahal, Auto Racing G
A-HE Harris English, Golf I
A-JA Jay Apt, Astronaut D
A-JG Jessie Graff, Ninja Warrior G
A-JK Jaelin Kauf, Skiing I
A-JS Jose Santos, Jockey H
A-KD Kayla Day, Tennis F
A-KT Kyle Troup, Bowling H
A-LC Louisa Chirico, Tennis I
A-LW Lindsey Weaver, Golf G
A-LX Lin Xiyu, Golf I
A-MA Marco Andretti, Auto Racing H
A-MB Maame Biney, Speed Skating I
A-MC Mark Coleman, MMA I
A-MD Mackenzie Dern, MMA G
A-MM Mikaela Mayer, Boxing H
A-MR Makuakai Rothman, Surfing I
A-MW Max Weinberg, Musician D
A-NL Nikko Landeros, Sledge Hockey H
A-OP Olly Postanin, Hockey I
A-PP Phil Pritchard, Hockey H
A-RB Ryan Blaney, Auto Racing F
A-RH Ryan Harrison, Tennis G
A-RM Roberta Mancino, Model I
A-RR Richie Ramone, Musician F
A-SH Sofia Huerta, Soccer I
A-SO Shohei Ohtani, Baseball B
A-SZ Shelina Zadorsky, Soccer I
A-TB Tia Blanco, Surfing I
A-TW Tiger Woods, Golf A
A-WB Wesley Bryan, Golf G
A-WE Liang Wenchong, Golf H
A-YL Yu Liu, Golf I
A-YS Yuting Shi, Golf I
A-ZD Zecheng Dou, Golf I

Autographs Inscribed

79 cards.
A-AP Aaron Pico Hands of Stone, MMA “Hands of Stone” /50
A-AR Jacob Ardown , Hockey Hockey Quotes (4 dift.) /25
A-AR Jacob Ardown , Hockey “Virgin Island League Star” /50
A-AW Ashley Wagner , Figure Skating “3x US Nat Champ” /25
A-AW Ashley Wagner , Figure Skating “’16 World Silver” /25
A-BR Miles Bridges , Basketball “Go Green” /40
A-BR Miles Bridges , Basketball “It’s not about me, It’s about us.” /10
A-BS Ben Simmons , Basketball “’18 ROY” /10
A-BS Ben Simmons , Basketball “Fresh Prince” /15
A-DA Matthias Dandois , BMX “6x World Champ” /50
A-DM Dzanan Musa , Basketball “’18 All ABA Team” /25
A-DM Dzanan Musa , Basketball “2x Croatian League Champ” /25
A-EC Emily Collins , Golf “Go Sooners!” /25
A-EC Emily Collins , Golf “@emcollins13” /25
A-EG English Gardner , Track & Field “10.74 100M” /50
A-EG English Gardner , Track & Field “’16 Gold Medal” /50
A-FE Shanshan Feng , Golf “Jenny Money” /25
A-FE Shanshan Feng , Golf “#1 World Ranking” /25
A-FT Frances Tiafoe , Tennis “’18 Delray Beach Champ” /25
A-GB George Bryan IV , Golf “Bryan Bros Golf” /25
A-GB George Bryan IV , Golf “3x All-American” /25
A-GR Graham Rahal , Auto Racing “Youngest Indy Car Winner” /25
A-HE Harris English , Golf “Go Dawgs” /52
A-JA Jay Apt , Astronaut “4 Space Missions” /25
A-JA Jay Apt , Astronaut “35 Days in Space” /25
A-JG Jessie Graff , Ninja Warrior “Be Your Own Hero!” /25
A-JG Jessie Graff , Ninja Warrior “Keep Climbing!” /25
A-JK Jaelin Kauf , Skiing “’18 Freestyle Athlete of the Year” /25
A-JK Jaelin Kauf , Skiing “’16 World Cup ROY” /25
A-JS Jose Santos , Jockey “HOF 07” /25
A-JS Jose Santos , Jockey “4083 Career Wins” /25
A-JS Jose Santos , Jockey “’03 Kentucky Derby Champ” /25
A-KD Kayla Day , Tennis “US Open Junior Champ” /50
A-KT Kyle Troup , Bowling “#TeamFish” /50
A-KT Kyle Troup , Bowling “Afro Fish” /50
A-LC Louisa Chirico, Tennis ” LOU” /50
A-LW Lindsey Weaver , Golf “Play Like a Champion Today” /50
A-LW Lindsey Weaver , Golf “’18 LPGA Rookie” /50
A-LX Lin Xiyu , Golf Chinese Character Signature /25
A-LX Lin Xiyu , Golf “Janet” /25
A-MA Marco Andretti , Auto Racing “MA 98” /50
A-MB Maame Biney , Speed Skating “Anna Digger” /50
A-MC Mark Coleman , MMA “The Godfather of Ground and Pound” /25
A-MC Mark Coleman , MMA “The Hammer” /26
A-MD Mackenzie Dern, MMA ” 7x IBJJF World Champ” /25
A-MD Mackenzie Dern , MMA “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” /25
A-MM Mikaela Mayer , Boxing “’16 National Champ” /50
A-MR Makuakai Rothman , Surfing “Sound Wave” /25
A-MR Makuakai Rothman , Surfing “’15 Big Wave World Champ” /25
A-MR Makuakai Rothman , Surfing “Keep Aloha Aloha” /25
A-MW Max Weinberg , Musician “Mighty Max” /10
A-NL Nikko Landeros , Sledge Hockey “3x Gold Medalist” /50
A-NL Nikko Landeros , Sledge Hockey “The Fury” /53
A-OP Olly Postanin , Hockey Hockey Quotes (23 dift.) /50
A-OP Olly Postanin , Hockey “Bangladesh Pro League” /25
A-PP Phil Pritchard , Hockey “Keeper of the Cup” /50
A-RB Ryan Blaney , Auto Racing “@Blaney” /25
A-RB Ryan Blaney , Auto Racing “First Win 6/11/17” /25
A-RH Ryan Harrison , Tennis “Harry” /25
A-RM Roberta Mancino , Model “World Record Holder” /25
A-RM Roberta Mancino , Model “10,000+ Sky Dives” /25
A-RR Richie Ramone, Musician ” Too Tough to Die” /25
A-RR Richie Ramone , Musician “The Ramones” /25
A-SH Sofia Huerta , Soccer “USWNT” /50
A-SH Sofia Huerta , Soccer “Go Broncos!” /50
A-SO Shohei Ohtani , Baseball Japanese Signature /5
A-SZ Shelina Zadorsky , Soccer “canWNT” /25
A-SZ Shelina Zadorsky , Soccer “’16 Bronze Medalist” /25
A-TB Tia Blanco , Surfing “Tiarah” /25
A-TB Tia Blanco , Surfing “2x ISA Gold Medalist” /25
A-WB Wesley Bryan , Golf “Bryan Bros Golf” /25
A-WB Wesley Bryan , Golf “First Tour Win 4/16/17” /25
A-WE Liang Wenchong , Golf Chinese Character Signature /50
A-YL Yu Liu , Golf “’14 National Champ” /25
A-YL Yu Liu, Golf “’18 LPGA Rookie” /25
A-YS Yuting Shi , Golf “Ting Ting” /25
A-YS Yuting Shi , Golf Chinese Character Signature /25
A-ZD Zecheng Dou , Golf Chinese Character Autograph /25
A-ZD Zecheng Dou , Golf “Marty” /25

Cut Signatures Checklist

34 cards.
BF Betty Ford, Politics 1/1
BI Joe Biden, Politics 1/1
BK Boris Karloff, Entertainment 1/1
BS Bernie Sanders, Politics 1/1
CA Jimmy Carter, Politics 1/1
CD Charles G Dawes, Politics 1/1
CO June Collyer, Entertainment 1/1
DB David Brinkley, Entertainment 1/1
DC Dick Cheney, Politics 1/1
DQ Dan Quayle, Politics 1/1
DR Debbie Reynolds, Entertainment 1/1
DS Dinah Shore, Musician 1/1
EK Evel Knievel, Entertainment 1/1
GB George W. Bush, Politics 1/1
GF Gerald Ford, Politics 1/1
GG George Gobel, Entertainment 1/1
GM George Murphy, Politics 1/1
HC Hillary Clinton, Politics 1/1
HJ Harry James, Musician 1/1
JB Joan Bennett, Entertainment 1/1
JC Johnny Carson, Entertainment 1/1
JH John Hurt, Entertainment 1/1
JK Jack Klugman, Entertainment 1/1
JV Jon Voight, Entertainment 1/1
LS L.M. Shaw, Politics 1/1
LU Leon Uris, Literature 1/1
MF Milton Friedman, History 1/1
NR Nancy Reagan, Politics 1/1
OO Ozzy Osbourne, Musician 1/1
PJ Phil Jackson, Basketball 1/1
TB Tony Bennett, Musician 1/1
TM Thurgood Marshall, History 1/1
VB Victor Borge, Entertainment 1/1
VT Verne Troyer, Entertainment 1/1

Genuine Heroes Signatures Checklist

9 cards.
1:320 hobby, 1:320 e-Pack.
GH-BB Brenda Berkman
GH-DM Dakota Meyer
GH-FF Frederick Edgar Ferguson
GH-ID Israel Del Toro
GH-JM Jennifer Maddox
GH-KS Khali Sweeney
GH-MC John McLoughlin
GH-MM Maggie MacDonnell
GH-RR Ronald E. Rosser

Goudey Autographs Checklist

17 cards.
1:480 hobby, 1:480 e-Pack.
Group A – 1:110,880, Group B – 1:20,921, Group C – 1:11,314, Group D – 1:1,724, Group E – 1:736
GA-AW Ashley Wagner, Figure Skating D
GA-BR Miles Bridges, Basketball C
GA-BS Ben Simmons, Basketball B
GA-DA Matthias Dandois, BMX E
GA-DM Dzanan Musa, Basketball E
GA-GR Graham Rahal, Auto Racing E
GA-JA Jay Apt, Astronaut C
GA-JG Jessie Graff, Ninja Warrior D
GA-MB Maame Biney, Speed Skating E
GA-MW Max Weinberg, Musician B
GA-RB Ryan Blaney, Auto Racing E
GA-RH Ryan Harrison, Tennis D
GA-RR Richie Ramone, Musician D
GA-SO Shohei Ohtani, Baseball B
GA-SW Serena Williams, Tennis A
GA-TW Tiger Woods, Golf A
GA-WB Wesley Bryan, Golf E

Goudey Sports Royalty Autographs Checklist

4 cards.
1:8,000 hobby, 1:8,000 e-Pack.
Group A – 1:116,880, Group B – 1:8,588
SRA-MJ Michael Jordan, Basketball A
SRA-SW Serena Williams, Tennis B
SRA-TW Tiger Woods, Golf B
SRA-WG Wayne Gretzky, Hockey B

Goudey Sport Royalty Dual Autographs Checklist

1 card.
1:25,000 hobby, 1:25,000 e-Pack.
SRA-OS Ben Simmons/Shohei Ohtani

Museum Collection FDR Presidential Legacy Cut Signature Relics Checklist

1 card.
Distributed via redemption.
RED 5×7 Card with Presentation Box Plaque 1/1

Splash of Color 3D Lenticular Bounty Autographs Checklist

2 cards.
Not available in packs.
Rewards for completing Bouty program.
LS-BS Ben Simmons, Basketball
LS-SO Shohei Ohtani, Baseball

Splash of Color Autographs Checklist

15 cards.
1:1,280 hobby, 1:1,280 e-Pack.
Group A – 1:211,200, Group B – 1:15,304, Group C – 1:?, Group D – 1:10,667, Group E – 1:8,123, Group F – 1:4,735, Group G – 1:3,771
SCA-AP Aaron Pico, MMA E
SCA-AW Ashley Wagner, Figure Skating E
SCA-BS Ben Simmons, Basketball B
SCA-FE Shanshan Feng, Golf F
SCA-FT Frances Tiafoe, Tennis D
SCA-KT Kyle Troup, Bowling G
SCA-MD Mackenzie Dern, MMA G
SCA-MJ Michael Jordan, Basketball A
SCA-MW Max Weinberg, Musician B
SCA-OB Jacob Ardown/Olly Postanin, Hockey G
SCA-RB Ryan Blaney, Auto Racing F
SCA-RR Richie Ramone, Musician F
SCA-SO Shohei Ohtani, Baseball B
SCA-SW Serena Williams, Tennis B
SCA-WG Wayne Gretzky, Hockey D

When Robots Rule the World 3D Lenticular Autographs Checklist

42 cards.
R-1 Bentio Gallego – Working Together /25
R-2 Bentio Gallego – Lunch Break /25
R-3 Bentio Gallego – Electric Love /25
R-4 Bentio Gallego – Welcome to Robo Burger /25
R-5 Bentio Gallego – Checkmate /25
R-6 Bentio Gallego – Built to Win /25
R-7 Bentio Gallego – License and Registration /25
R-8 Bentio Gallego – A Shared History /25
R-9 Bentio Gallego – One Happy Family /25
R-10 Bentio Gallego – A Robot Walks Into a Bar… /25
R-11 Bentio Gallego – Robot Rock /25
R-12 Bentio Gallego – Taking a Stroll /25
R-13 Bentio Gallego – Beach Bums /25
R-14 Bentio Gallego – Uprising /25
R-15 Bentio Gallego – Technology Bites /25
R-16 Bentio Gallego – Traffic Jam /25
R-17 Bentio Gallego – Update Error /25
R-18 Bentio Gallego – Set Them Free /25
R-19 Bentio Gallego – Robot Riot /25
R-20 Bentio Gallego – Need More Power /25
R-21 Bentio Gallego – Time’s Up /25
R-22 Bentio Gallego – Flood the Cities /25
R-23 Bentio Gallego – A New Proclamation /25
R-24 Bentio Gallego – The Front Line /25
R-25 Bentio Gallego – Cyber Giant /25
R-26 Bentio Gallego – To the Skies /25
R-27 Bentio Gallego – Trouble Below /25
R-28 Bentio Gallego – Striking Back /25
R-29 Bentio Gallego – Production Problems /25
R-30 Bentio Gallego – Unusual Allies /25
R-31 Bentio Gallego – Shark Byte! /25
R-32 Bentio Gallego – Terror From Above /25
R-33 Bentio Gallego – Rerouted /25
R-34 Bentio Gallego – Robot Renegades /25
R-35 Bentio Gallego – Robots Rule the World /25
R-36 Bentio Gallego – A New Empire /25
R-37 Bentio Gallego – Lady Liberty /25
R-38 Bentio Gallego – History Rewritten /25
R-39 Bentio Gallego – State of the Union /25
R-40 Bentio Gallego – A New World /25
R-41 Bentio Gallego – Under New Management /25
R-42 Bentio Gallego – Expanding the Empire /2