2019 Tier One Baseball arrives at Sports Cards Plus, a.k.a. The Super Hit Factory this Wednesday. The 2019 iteration continues its ever-popular formula of two on-card autographs and one premium memorabilia card per box. Memorabilia cards include some pretty big jersey patches and rare bat knobs.  These often times are even more desirable than many of the signature cards.

2019 Topps Tier One Baseball Prime Performers Autographs Silver InkSignatures come with a variety of themes. Prime Performers Autographs, Break Out Autographs and Tier One Talent Autographs are among the most common. Each set has base versions with 299 copies or less. Parallels come in Bronze Ink (/25), Silver Ink (/10) and one-of-one Gold Ink.

2019 Topps Tier One Baseball Break Out Autographs Bronze InkEach of these sets come with their own themes to set the checklist. Prime Performers are considered by Topps to be key players from both the past and present. Break Out Autographs are dedicated to rookies and young players. Tier One Talent cards highlight specific traits of featured players.
Tier One Autographs return, once again as a case hit. The checklist consists of current and retired players. These are available in Bronze Ink (/25), Silver Ink (/10) and Gold Ink (1/1) versions.
2019 Topps Tier One Baseball Tier One AutographClear One Autographs (/10) return this year. These acetate cards have a clear distinguishing look. New to 2019 Topps Tier One Baseball are Clear One Dual Autographs (/10), with an impressive checklist.
Other multi-signature cards can be found with Dual (/25 or less) and Triple (/10 or less) Autographs.  Consistent with the Tier One formula, these come with on-card autographs.
A limited number of Cut Signatures are all one-of-ones.

Autographed Memorabilia Cards

2019 Topps Tier One Baseball has several signature relic inserts to go with the regular autographs. While not all of these are on-card, many are. Several also bring premium swatches and unique pieces.
2019 Topps Tier One Baseball Bat Knob AutographThe checklist starts with Autographed Tier One Relics (/100 or less). The checklist for these features veterans and retired players. Rather than using different colors to distinguish parallels, they are done as dual (/10) and triple (1/1) relics.
Dual Autograph Tier One Relics are done in a book card format. These highlight a two well known players. One-of-one Dual Patch cards are the only parallels.
Extremely scarce one-of-one signature memorabilia cards include Autographed Bat Knobs, Autographed Limited Lumber and Cut Signature Relics.
Signature Tools Autograph Relics (1/1) are back. Instead of game-used memorabilia, these have a piece of a pen from the autograph signing.

Memorabilia Cards

Like the autographs, there’s a variety of relic inserts in 2019 Topps Tier One Baseball. Tier One Relics are one of the most basic, simply highlighting game-used swatches and pieces from a deep list of players. Base versions are all numbered with parallels available as Dual Relics (/25) and Triple Relics (1/1). Both parallels have patch pieces.
Similar Tier One Legends Relics look to the past for its checklist. These also have Dual (/25) and Triple (1/1) Relic versions.

2019 Topps Tier One Baseball Prodigious Patches AtuographJumbo patches return in Prodigious Patches (/10). In addition to regular Platinum (1/1) parallels, select cards have autograph  (/10 or less) and Platinum autograph (1/1) versions.
One new memorabilia set is Tier One Uniform Button Relics (/5 or less). These have buttons from both jerseys and pants. Autograph parallels are one-of-ones.
Bat Knobs and Limited Lumber, which have a premium bat piece, both return for another year, once again as one-of-ones. Tier One All-Star Patches are also one-of-a-kind, for both the regular and autograph versions. These have big patch pieces taken from 2018 All-Star workout jerseys.
2019 Topps Tier One Baseball Tier One All-Star Patch Autograph